Board Portal Cost

How Much Does a Board Portal Cost?

Board Portal is software designed to manage businesses of all sizes. The software helps organize the work of a team (or entire departments), manage work more efficiently, and monitor employees’ progress on specific tasks.

How much do different Board Portals cost?

The cost of the Board Portal depends on various factors, the main of which is the audience for which the software is intended.

There are Board portals developed specifically for major players in the business market. These are, for example, Board Effect, Nasdaq DMX, BoardPad, On Board and so on. The cost of such services ranges from 5 to 30 (or more) thousand dollars a year.

There are Board portals designed for small and medium businesses. These are services such as MeetingKing, Mycommittee, OurCatHerber, boardable, Board Pro. The price of these programs is from 1 to 5 thousand dollars a year. However, they provide convenient functionality for relatively small amounts, suitable for small players.

What are the benefits of working with management software?

Programs for managers are usually produced as cloud services or desktop applications. Their main advantages are:

  • More efficient working board meetings. Now 50% less time can be spent on discussions of the company’s top managers.
  • All documents are now stored in one place; you have round-the-clock access to them from anywhere. And also, in each record, there is a history of all its edits.
  • Your information is in the most secure place. Board Portal offers a modern data encryption system and the possibility of flexible user authentication settings.
  • Managers spend less time on paperwork, and therefore management becomes more efficient.
  • Reduced printing costs for documents and meeting materials.

With modern technology in every industry, it is becoming easier to implement work. Board Portal services are an explicit confirmation of this.

How to choose management software?

To choose a good management software, pay attention to:

Implementation of the software part

A high-quality Board Portal service is simple and intuitive for all users; it will not be challenging to deal with it in just a few days. It also has all the options you need: the possibility of holding conferences and keeping minutes, storing documents, assigning roles, etc. It is best to use the trial version to evaluate the software.


Make sure the Board Portal you choose offers strong data protection with authentication settings and encryption keys. Often in such programs, users exchange corporate data, which in no case should go to third parties. Otherwise, someone may be doing industrial espionage or blackmailing your company.

Support from the team

It would help if you had the development team be in touch all the time. High-quality support service will allow you to quickly find a solution in difficult times and deal with the difficulties.

Check at the stage of testing the demo version how well the support service works – whether it is always in touch, whether it answers all the questions posed, and whether it is discreet enough about the client.